The New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute in Las Vegas New Mexico has been around for years and was in need of a new system for securing their doors to prevent unauthorized access to buildings. The system covers fifteen (15) buildings at the main facility and a remote facility located several miles down the road at the Community Health Services (CBS) facility. In total there were originally 121 card reader openings that are being secured and monitored by this LAN based system. Three of these building are considered high risk areas and have card reads on each side of the door restricting exit from the building without authorization. All LAN connections are to the State of New Mexico LAN, with the CBS facility connecting to Santa Fe first then back to the main facility in Las Vegas. The system connects to main server located in the main administration building, there are 2 remote clients computers connected to this system one is located at the main administration building where the security group oversees all activities to the system, and the other computer is located at the CBS facility. The system was designed to display maps of the entire facility and all buildings, these maps indicate where all devices connected to the system are located as well as providing easy access to system commands such as unlocking a door or checking to see if a door has been secured after being opened. The CBS facility also has integration to an alarm system that monitors wireless panic buttons that are worn or in the offices of certain staff members to assist in the event that a client becomes a danger. These alarm inputs are transmitted to both the system at the CBS facility as well as the main site for a response from security; also there is an audible alarm that sounds when any of these devices are activated so that any available staff can assist in the response. The facility continues to add on to the system with the addition of the New Meadows project. This project added 30 openings to the system with 10 of those opening having readers on both sides of them. There was a new computer added to the facility so that staff at there could provide faster response to door alarms and so that if needed security from the main administration building needed to work on the system it could be handled from the new site as well. Also there was software for a second computer loaded on to a State of New Mexico computer and placed in the nurses’ station so that the staff could respond to patient wandering alarms faster. All Cabling, Software and Hardware was provided by HEI Inc.

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