HEI installed 172 High Definition Megapixel Cameras, including 13 High Speed  1080p Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras with 30X optical zoom. For the recording system since DVR’s are outdated HEI installed the latest in large system recording which allowed us to record every camera at its maximum resolution with the highest frame rate necessary and store the data for well over 30 days. This facility required an lot of onsite live monitoring of the cameras so the system included Three Viewing and playback location with each having two monitors from 42” to 26” depending on the location, also there was need for a basic monitor to be located in areas such as the nurses’ station so the installation of network video decoders was used in four location connected to 26” wall mounted monitors. The main system is connected to a redundant service manager with auto fail over capabilities. Storage was handled with 7, Twenty-four 24 terabyte RAID 6 storage devices. Both the Service manager and the storage devices are located in the main data center with redundant power supplies and data communication. All programming and updates to the system are handled by the workstation software. Since this equipment is connected to the network and equipment moves can be made with ease, if the workstation needs to be moved to another office then it is the same as moving a computer or printer.

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