In 2009 Rio Rancho Public Schools opened Cleveland High School. HEI was selected as the contractor for the Access Control, Intrusion Detection and IP based Video Surveillance system integrator. This project included the installation of 131 network connected cameras including fixed cameras and 28 Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras. Installation also included 3 servers for recording of video and system operations for live viewing of cameras, 1 client computer (for live and recorded viewing) with two large screen LCD Monitors, and 2 storage devices with a total of 40 Terabytes of RAID 5 storage. Cabling hardware and software were provided by HEI. This system carried a Three (3) year warranty and maintenance plan. HEI also installed all the Access Control and Intrusion Detection components in all the buildings and connecting them to the schools security network. A total of 60 doors of access control were installed as well as 20 doors that are run off the system to control doors to lock and unlock on schedules. The intrusion detection system was integrated to the access control and camera systems to provide a unified control system for the school security officers.

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