HEI installed the first air blown fiber system on campus.  There were three major projects involved in this.  The first was Encino campus in which our electrical division installed a 4” conduit linking

UNMH Rehabilitation Building to Building F, which would be the new Truman Clinic.  Once the conduit was complete the Duraline 12-ways duct system was installed to Building F and then continued over the roof with an OSP system and future junction points where provide along the way to Building E.  24-fiber SM was then jetted from the Rehab building to Building F and Building E.  All fiber terminated, tested and warranty provide through AFL.  The next project was HSSB to CPC.  HEI provided direction boring through sub-contractor installing 4” conduit from HSSB to Domenici Education building and setting a new manhole and continuing the conduit to the northwest nearest man-hole to complete the link on that side of campus.  A Duraline 7-way was then installed from HSSB through the conduit system through campus over to CPC with a 24-fiber jetted linking the two buildings.  Our final project to the ABF was a link from HSSB to the UNMH main hospital computer room in the basement.  This involved installing the duct system through the tunnel linking the building and through the basement of UNMH with 144 fiber being jetted into six tubes. These project presenting their own challenges HEI worked closely with UNM IT and the engineering teams with Duraline and AFL to complete them.

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