HEI completed this project which involved new installation of 1116 category 5E cables and 90 category 6 WAPS all terminating into an existing remodeled TR.

HEI worked with IT and UNMH to identify all working cables on existing racks and NEC for all the working phone lines.  This resulted in the removal of over 300 cables from the TR room and rerouting 96 data lines to new racks and re-terminating voice lines to 110 blocks.  This coordination included off-hour cut-over’s that resulted in zero effect to the customer.  HEI staff was on hand throughout the project and resolved three phone issues.

New fiber backbone was installed and existing fiber was re-terminated into new fiber distribution boxes. This occurred off hours as well to not interrupt services to the existing building.

HEI built out the TR to include four new 8’ relay racks with 10” cable management and new 18” ladder.  All work met all milestones throughout the construction schedule.

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