One of the largest projects for UNM to date is the Cancer Research Center.  HEI is installing 113 10G shielded cables, 98 wireless access points and over 2000 category 5E lines.  The 1st priority of this project was to establish the main equipment room in the basement which included eight 4-post racks, grounding, and an extensive ladder rack system to accommodate the 3000 pairs of copper and 264 fiber backbone as well as the horizontal cable for the ground floor.  HEI staff built out the additional five telecom rooms with racks, grounding and ladder rack system each IDF was equipped with a 400 pair copper and 12sm/12mm fiber optic backbone. HEI fiber optic fusion splicer will be used to fusion 816 fiber optic pigtail in the backbone system.  Vital to this project has been our on-staff computer draftsman that has provided all the updated drawings throughout the project as well as the extensive label system for all the 110 blocks, patch panels, cables and faceplates throughout the process. HEI also provide the wall-field layouts and fiber optic backbone rack layout drawings for prior approval before installation.  Because of the mixed media on this project universal patch panels where installed to accommodate not only the 10G shielded but the category 5E and 6.  This will allow for ease of adds moves and changes as the future needs change.  HEI is scheduled to complete this project early this summer.  An independent audit by the University as well as the manufacturer auditor is also being provided on this project.   UNM required documentation, test results, final drawings and a 25 year manufacturer warranty will complete this project. 



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